With SteelCore you get the greatest flexibility when you need technical design, cutting and delivery.


We design, execute and reproduce parts to the highest specifications.



We provide Plasma and oxyfuel cutting with high precision.

1. Plasma cutting has the advantage that it does not require further processing for parts executed: all our cuts are precise and clean.

2. SteelCore’s equipments are equipped with numerical control (CNC): this allows us to precisely control over the movement of the cutting head in order to make complex models with multiple circular or angular elements.

*Cutting accuracy: class 2-3 acc. ISO 9013/2002
*The maximum format of material is: 2000 x 7000mm


At SteelCore, we have a team that knows in detail the characteristics of a wide variety of materials.
A team with a serious work experience, built over time. Furthermore, we have shown ourselves capable of thoroughly researching and adapt to other materials, based on the requirements and orders received.

Carbon steel – Plasma Cutting: max 35 mm / oxyfuel cutting max: 110 mm
Steel brands we frequently work with:

S235JR/JO/J2+N, S275JR/JO/J2+N, S355JR/J2+N, S420MC, S690QL, WELDOX, HARDOX, RAEX, P355NL2, P265GH, OLC45

Stainless steel – Cutting thickness between 0.3 mm and 25 mm
Aluminium – cutting thickness between 1.5 mm and 25 mm
Copper – cutting thickness between 1.5 mm and 20 mm

Scope of work:

  • Parts preparation, by thermal and waterjet cutting, bending, rolling, heat treatment
  • Parts assembly on 4×12 m mounting tables with cranes of 8/32 ton lifting weight
  • Mig-mag welding
  • Thermal stabilization
  • Machining
  • Surface protection, by: sandblasting, liquid or powder painting, galvanizing
  • Mounting of mechanical and hydraulic equipment
  • Delivery to final assembly site.

Parts fabrication


Heavy machining

Milling and boring, mm:
16000 = X = 9000
4000 = Y = 3750
1700 = Z = 1400

Milling and boring, mm:
Vertical turning, mm
5000= Max.diameter= 8000
4000= Max. height = 4000


Surface protection

Sandblasting unit
– dimension, mm:
– Length:19000, width: 5000, Heigth: 4000
– max. piece weight: 60 tons

Painting unit

dimension, mm:
Length:15000, width: 8000, Heigth: 7000

Typical products


We provide direct delivery to your company: anywhere, anytime and just in time.

To guarantee the quality of products and services, following the audit process conducted by the certification body TUV Rheinland, our company has obtained certification of the management system according to quality standard ISO 9001: 2008, 4th Edition.